Ensuring effective, long-lasting and secured power distribution

Switchboards are the backbone of your building’s power distribution therefore ensuring they are secured and effective is mandatory. Whether you are bringing a new system or looking at testing and/or upgrading the already existing one, MPOWERU is your partner of choice. From design, to maintenance going through engineering and installation, we provide you with the expertise you need to ensure the safe power distribution in your building.

Switchboards solutions by MPOWERU Perth


From design to maintenance:
Switchboard experts every step of the way.

Design & engineering


Upgrade & Retrofits



Fault finding & repairs

Load balancing

Integration with monitoring systems

Documentation & as-built drawings

Tailored solutions for safe and optimal power installation and distribution.

At MPOWERU, we provide you with switchboard solutions tailored to your unique needs. We ensure they are designed, engineered and installed in such way as to guarantee optimal electrical distribution and seamless functioning of your building. With a focus on safety and efficiency, our experts conduct thorough assessments to evaluate potential hazards and implement necessary safety measures. Furthermore, we run compliance audits to make sure your switchboards are in line with the relevant electrical codes, standards, and regulatory requirements.

Regular maintenance
for continuous performance

Our maintenance and upgrade services ensure the longevity and reliability of your electrical switchboards. We conduct routine checks, addressing potential issues through cleaning, tightening connections, and inspecting components. Additionally, we upgrade switchboards, accommodate increased loads, enhance safety features, and integrate modern technologies. We are dedicated to get you ahead of your building electrical system performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the core of our esteemed organization is a cadre of certified electrical professionals—our most valuable asset. Their technical acumen and unwavering dedication to service excellence are the cornerstones upon which MPOWERU is built.

Switchboards are pivotal in a building’s power distribution, making their effective maintenance crucial for uninterrupted and secure electrical supply. MPOWERU ensures their reliability through comprehensive services, covering design, installation, maintenance, and upgrades.

MPOWERU’s experts meticulously design and engineer switchboards tailored to your specific needs. We assess the ideal size, configuration, and components to ensure optimal electrical distribution, emphasizing safety and efficiency. Compliance audits guarantee installations align with relevant electrical codes, standards, and regulatory requirements.

Our maintenance and upgrade services are dedicated to ensuring the longevity and reliability of electrical switchboards. Routine checks address potential issues through cleaning, tightening connections, and inspecting components. We go beyond by upgrading switchboards, accommodating increased loads, enhancing safety features, and integrating modern technologies for optimal performance in your building’s electrical system.

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