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EV Charging Services

The emergence of electric vehicles calls for the widespread use of EV Charging systems. Our commitment to supporting electric vehicle adoption goes beyond standard services. We’ve partnered with IPD & ABB to provide you with the most innovative EV Charging products. Whether it is for residential, commercial, or public applications, MPOWERU takes care of deploying, operating and maintaining robust charging infrastructure which meets the needs of the evolving electric vehicle market.​

EV Charging Systems MPOWERU


Empowering electric mobility

Site assessment

Design and installation

Customised charging solutions

Maintenance, upgrades and future expansion plans

Smart technologies integration

Compliance to legal requirements

EV charging systems tailored to your site and your needs

Evaluating the electrical infrastructure and the parking layout of your site, we evaluate your maximum demand, and dynamic load management to provide you with customised solutions tailored to your specific needs and use. We then design and install the necessary electrical components for your EV charging stations based on the specific and legal requirements of your infrastructure whether it is a residential complex, commercial parking lot, fleet management or a public space. As IPD & ABB partners, we access a wide range of innovative solutions enabling us to provide you with the most efficient solutions to fit your needs.

Maintenance and integration of your EV charging systems

With prime access to IPD & ABB products, we integrate EV Charging Systems with cutting-edge technologies for enhanced functionality, ease of use and efficient management. To guarantee performance and reliability over time, we offer ongoing maintenance services providing you with the latest upgrades and modifications to accommodate new technologies. 

Frequently Asked Questions

At the core of our esteemed organization is a cadre of certified electrical professionals—our most valuable asset. Their technical acumen and unwavering dedication to service excellence are the cornerstones upon which MPOWERU is built.

We conduct thorough site assessments considering factors like electrical infrastructure, parking layout, and dynamic load management. This ensures tailored solutions suitable for residential, commercial, or public spaces.

Ongoing services involve integrating cutting-edge technologies, providing upgrades, and modifications to accommodate new technologies. This ensures optimal performance, reliability, and compliance with evolving standards.

We ensure compliance with regulations and standards for diverse infrastructures, including residential, commercial, and public applications every step of the way from design to final installation, and maintenance.

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