Subdivision Power Distribution

Enhance your electrical infrastructure with submains and consumer mains cabling

Our skilled electricians excel in every aspect, from underground excavation to intricate connections for private and commercial properties. We deliver comprehensive excavation services, ensuring thorough and reliable cabling installations. With a commitment to compliance, we liaise with Western Power to meet Western Australia Planning Commission subdivision requirements, assuring adherence to regulations. Our efficient pole replacement services promptly address rusty or defective poles, enhancing safety and reliability.

Rusted pole replacement - Subdivision Power Distribution


electrical infrastructure

Underground excavation and cabling

Regulatory compliance and planning liaison

Conversion of overhead to underground mains

Private power pole replacement and cable reinstatement

Switchboard upgrades and relocation expertise

Maintain, upgrade and relocate your switchboards

As the heart of your electrical infrastructure, we offer advanced system maintenance, upgrades and relocation for your switchboards. Integrating cutting-edge distributed master metre switchboard solutions for optimal performance, our expertise extends to strategic relocation, efficiently managing changes due to renovations or other requirements while minimising disruptions to your electrical setup. 

Ensuring seamless operations at every level

Whether undergoing renovations or alterations, our experienced team seamlessly relocates the point of attachment for overhead aerial mains, ensuring your electrical infrastructure operates smoothly. Our renovation-ready services cater to precision in relocation, prioritising safety and compliance for a reliable electrical setup. Additionally, our expertise extends to accurately locating underground services, facilitating efficient maintenance and troubleshooting, thus guaranteeing the uninterrupted functionality of your electrical system.

Frequently Asked Questions

At the core of our esteemed organization is a cadre of certified electrical professionals—our most valuable asset. Their technical acumen and unwavering dedication to service excellence are the cornerstones upon which MPOWERU is built.

Subdivision power distribution refers to the localised delivery of electricity within residential or commercial areas. This system operates as part of the broader electric power distribution network, transporting electricity from larger transmission systems to individual consumers, including those in subdivisions. This facilitates efficient and targeted electricity supply for households and businesses.

We will take care of the paperwork for Western Power, notify them when the job is finished, and give you a Western Power Notice of Completion to state that the underground consumer main is in place, safe and energised.  

The time needed to proceed to underground cabling depends on diverse variables. However, at MPOWERU we make it a point of honour to work within the most appropriate timescales to limit the impact of these interventions on your daily life, while guaranteeing the quality of our work.

As part of the WA Planning Commission regulations for subdivision you will need to convert your overhead consumer main to an underground power supply.

We will organise for the trench to be dug and filled on the same day as the consumer main installed.

No.  We will take care of notifying Western Power of the change from single to three phase power and Synergy will bill you directly. 

We will include the three-phase consumer main as part of the quote you let us know you would like three-phase power. 

Synergy will charge a fee of approximately $250 (check current pricing) for single to three-phase changeover.  MPOWERU has no responsibility for this fee.

Yes.  We can take care of providing a new three-phase meter from Western Power at the same time the new 3 phase consumer main is connected.

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