City of Rockingham Temporary Office

Office setting,
lighting & powering

In the wake of the unprecedented challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic, the City of Rockingham grappled with the complexities of managing office staff occupational health and safety (OHS) amidst evolving pandemic guidelines. While remote work was a viable option, it wasn’t always feasible. Therefore, the City of Rockingham decided to repurpose the reception room into a temporary office to ensure employee safety without compromising productivity. The institution entrusted MPOWERU MPOWERU to illuminate and energise the newly established office space.

City of Rockingham Temporary Office by MPOWERU


A comprehensive and tailored solution

Design and plan

Allocation and partitioning of individual workstations

Power extension & distribution

Data connectivity

Lighting and switches

Extended power & data supply for
optimum working conditions

In coordination with other stakeholders of the project, MPOWERU initiated the creation 22 individual workspaces ensuring compliance with OHS requirements while fostering a collaborative work environment. Navigating IT protocol constraints, MPOWERU optimised power distribution installing new switches and expanding data capacity. Our team also implemented new lighting solutions to ensure optimal working conditions for the City of Rockingham members. 

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