ExpertsFor complete switchboard and rewiring needs in your home or business in Perth, rely on the experience and on-time, professional service you receive when you choose M Power U Electrical. From satisfaction guaranteed service to upfront pricing, read what other delighted customers say about their experience with us here and about our service level guarantee here.

Switchboard Repairs

ExpertsIf you're concerned there is an issue with your current power supply that may be affecting your electrical appliances and lighting, one of our expert electricians can perform an assessment of your switchboard to determine if your power supply is safe and perform any required repairs quickly and professionally.

Switchboards Capacity Upgrades

ServiceWhether you've added an extension to your home, thereby increasing your power needs, or purchased new electrical appliances creating a greater demand of your electricity supply, it is vital to ensure that your current switchboard is able to safely and reliably supply you with the power you now need.  At M Power U Electrical we can ensure your switchboard has enough capacity to meet your electrical demands now and well into the future by performing a capacity upgrade that can even take into account your increased demands over the coming years.

New Switchboard Installations & Upgrades

Older switchboards were just not designed to handle the capacity demands we place upon them with the ever increasing number of electrical appliances we all have in our homes. If your power supply has become unreliable or intermittent, M Power U Electrical can expertly assess your current power usage and perform any necessary switchboard upgrades or new installations that will ensure a safe and reliable power supply is maintained.


M Power U Electrical will quickly and expertly assess your wiring to discover if older or faulty wiring is causing power supply issues. We can perform all the rewiring your home or business needs to ensure a safe and reliable working standard and significantly reduce the risk of fire and electrocution.

Safety Switches

Protect your family, friends, employees and customers from the threat of electrocution with a safety switch solution from M Power U Electrical. By having a safety switch installed in your home or place of business, it will automatically detect any electrical imbalance and shut-off the power supply to ensure everyone is kept safe.

Safety Inspections

If you're purchasing or selling a property, M Power U Electrical can perform a comprehensive safety inspection to determine if the power supply and wiring is compliant with all current building codes. We'll provide expert advice and perform any repairs or upgrades that may be required.

Circuit Breakers

We can upgrade your older style fuse box to a more modern alternative so when the power goes out you'll no longer have to go hunting for fuse wire in the dark. With our modern circuit breakers returning power is as easy as flicking a switch!

Satisfaction-Guaranteed Service

When you choose M Power U Electrical for your panel and rewiring needs, you can be sure of being treated with a level of service that comes satisfaction guaranteed.

Expert Electricians

M Power U Electricians are fully licensed and insured electrical contractors, and trusted in homes and businesses across Perth.

For on time service and expert solutions for your panel and rewiring needs in the Perth area, call and speak with the electrical experts at M Power U Electrical today.

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